Sunday, May 13, 2007

Romping Through The Headlines

Banned 'Cocaine' energy drink re-emerges as 'Censored'

Apparently, the name Dumba** was taken.


Cerberus Group leads pack to get Chrysler: report

Cerberus? He guards the Gates of Hell, right? Call that payback for the K-Car.


Rare albino gator on display in Tenn.

In the next cage is her cousin/mother.


Cremated Remains of 200 Lost in Mountains After Trip to Space

To boldly go where no Ranger has gone before.


Tommy Thompson's Debate Excuse:I Had To Go To The Bathroom

Now he knows where to look when he wonders where his chances went.


Iraqi Sunni, Shia Lawmakers Join In Opposition To Baghdad Wall

That should be this administration's motto. "Bringing people together; one bad idea at a time."


And, to top it all off, the Gazette ran a short wire story about McGee Sr's case of vile logorrhea under the sadly unlinkable headline,

DJ Faces Reprimand For Remarks.

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