Thursday, May 24, 2007

Never Pick A Fight With Someone Who Buys Ink By The Barrel

Rambly McDitzington takes 2400 words to tell us she isn't going to talk about it any more. She just can't bring herself to admit that using a murdered 4-year-old as a comedy prop wasn't a good idea.

She does get one thing right though. It is a bit unseemly for aJournal employee to make fun of a Journal employee on the air and, when asked by a Journal employee, for the Journal employee to say she is being attacked and not defended by the Journal.

Did she ever stop to think that maybe the Journal was defending one of their own, the one that didn't make fun of the girl's death?

Jessica McBride takes umbrage at being compared to Don Imus, among others. I think she should. After all, she is far different from Imus. Don Imus knows how to build an audience.

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