Friday, October 03, 2008

Advice Nobody Asked For And A Random Thought

Get your hair out of your face. It makes you look unserious and ditzy. Joe, you too.

A random thought.

Suppose, just suppose that SP turned out to be an unwitting Trojan Horse.

The TV crowd was huge, exceeding the Presidential Debate numbers by 40%. I think it's fair to say those were people tuning in to see Palin, whether to root for or against her they turned out. She did, as my wife said, distressingly well.

But, just as big a surprise was Joe Biden striking hard against, not Palin, but John McCain. The senator took shot after shot that Palin wasn't ready for and didn't refute because she had been coached to deflect criticism of her.

That's oversimplistic of course but it sure looks like it's being borne out by the reaction poll numbers.


Other Side said...

Jim ... mirror!

Kate said...

Hmm...reckon we didn't watch the same debate. :)

capper said...

Remind me to post about the psychological meaning of the hair hanging over the eyes like that. It raises some more serious red flags than just her incompetence.