Thursday, October 09, 2008


County cop? Check
A Douglas County Sheriff's deputy returned home from the hospital Monday
night after being bitten by a prairie rattlesnake over the weekend in

Poor decision making? Check
"He began playing around with the snake with his baton and putting his foot
out trying to see if it would strike, finally he chose to pick it up and it
striked him," said John Eischen
Compounding the problem by driving? Check
Roberson had a severe reaction to the venom while back behind the wheel of
his patrol car. That caused him to drive over an embankment and crash.
Bad result. Double check.

"He must have either lost consciousness or had something so severe happen to
him that he put down the gas pedal and the car drove over an embankment into a
field area and (the car) got high centered," sheriff's spokeswoman Cocha Heyden

Well, hell yeah!
Witnesses said that before Roberson arrived on the scene the snake had
been struck by rocks and was disturbed.

"I think it was really the other people's fault because they were kind
of teasing with it before they were thinking about killing it, so I think the
snake was already really agitated," Eischen said.

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Dan said...

And he will get workmans compensation for this. Then they'll have fix or replace the damaged patrol car. I don't even think Barney Fife would do this.