Friday, October 24, 2008

Taking It To The Terrorists (sic)

From The Independent
Standing in front of her net curtains, a half-eaten pancake on one side
and a bottle of washing-up liquid on the other, no one could possibly confuse
the bespectacled Icelandic lady with Osama bin Laden. But just to ram the point
home, she brandishes a handmade sign: "I'm not a terrorist!"

After Gordon Brown used anti-terror laws to freeze the assets of an
Icelandic bank, the Land of the Midnight Sun is fighting back. Given Iceland
does not have an army, the uprising is less Viking warrior and more citizen's
revolt. Yesterday, more than 35,000 people – a ninth of the population – signed
an online petition to let the world know that Icelanders are not

The Icelanders have shown their violent nature for all the world to see.
A photographer, Thorkell Thorkelsson, has turned his Reykjavik studio into a
protest chamber, inviting people to pose with weapons to show how "dangerous"
Iceland is. One man turned up with a gun made from Lego bricks; another had a
snowball, and Hulda Edelvy, a pensioner, brandished a staple remover and

And then they fell back on that greatest bugaboo of all the true-believers, moral relativism.
"It is so unfair, and so ridiculous; using a terrorist law against Iceland
is like using a terrorist law against the Vatican," Mr Thorkelsson told Reuters.
"The difference is there are more weapons in the Vatican."

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