Thursday, October 02, 2008

Maybe We Can Buy Her A Friend

Sarah Palin's ratings are falling faster than the Dow lately but Vets for Freedom has an idea. They're gonna pay frat boys to show their support.
The practice of paying volunteers is perfectly legal, and having scores
of rowdy pro-war supporters cheering on the backdrop of TV sets can be an
effective way for Vets for Freedom to disseminate its message.

But keep in mind, some of the people demonstrating outside the VP
debate had a choice to make: take the money from Vets for Freedom or subject
themselves to a night of hazing and binge drinking. On Thursday, we will see how
many chose the former.

This may not be the first time.
Secondly, they will get lots of media attention! My organization did a
similar thing in Mississippi last week and a ton of them were on TV. Meaning,
the guys could wear their [REDACTED] gear while holding up our signs and get
attention for their frat.

What's in it for the Greeks?
Vets for Freedom field staffer Laura Meyer offered a fraternity at the
University of St. Louis a "sizable donation" - plus free lunch - if it could use
their pledges to demonstrate outside the VP debate.

Reached by phone, Meyer said the total amount of cash the frat could
earn was between $200 and $250 for organizing 20-plus members. She also noted
that the program was a success in generating publicity during last Friday's
presidential debate.

I wonder if that explains the college boys standing behind McCain when he was busy blamethrowing on Monday.

It would certainly be cheaper to buy the Governor a puppy.

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capper said...

They bought her a puppy, but had to take it away. It seems that she just kept wanting to put lipstick on the poor thing.