Saturday, December 27, 2008

Well. I Didn't See That Coming.

Congratulations are in order to Mary Beaver. Now she won't have all that pesky "spare" time to worry about.
Evansville EMS coordinator to be appointed to county board

Thanks, Mary. And thanks again to the other two candidates.


Anonymous said...

Interesting that Mary was found to be qualified by the county board and Janis Ringhand was not. Not sure what qualifications they were looking at. As far as I can tell from the article Mary has experience with the EMT as coordinator, she is a coach and sounds like a genuinely nice person. That is all great but I am not sure that it comes even close to Ringhand's qualifications. Sounds to me like the non-partisan position is anything but!

Anonymous said...

1 Word-ETHICS Janis doesn't realize there is a difference between legal and ethical.

grumps said...

I don't think that comment is fair. I'm certain that any of the three candidates would have met the ethical standards for the County Board without any stretching.

It just winds my crank that the Chair, deciding to please everyone, allowed the east side of the county to play such a large role in selecting our Supervisor.

It was his job to do and he punted it.

bob W said...

Is Anon proclaiming that the current county board is ethical? Does anon know the difference? Is there a difference?

Some of the crap on these blogs is pretty deplorable and to imply that Ringhand is not ethical without any example at all is one of them. Anon comments like that are weak. Sounds like something out of the grammar-less 'Chasin' blog. Keep your baseless assertions over there.

Evansville Observer said...

Service talks and politics walks. Wonderful choice of Mary Beaver. In Healthcare and public service, tangibe caring matters.