Monday, December 22, 2008

What I Know

I don't know if Caroline Kennedy is qualified to be a Senator. So far she hasn't shown any great gift for campaigning which is, for better or worse, a huge part of the job. The mini-gaffe, showing up for her listening tour at the office of Buffalo Mayor Byron Brown who is also a candidate, shows that her organization could use a little fine-tuning of its own.

I don't know about the Hilary question. Is there enough residual antipathy to Kennedy's support of the President-elect to create friction with former Clintonites?

I do know this. Some of the loudest squawkers about Caroline Kennedy's interest in the office are tossing off words like "dynastic" and "entitlement." I know that a lot of these same squawkers had no trouble voting for Shrub twice for Preznit and are looking to Jeb as a probable candidate as soon as the days get long and the memories of GWB grow short.

"Piffle," I say. Let her come through the process. She can't possibly be the worst Senator and there's time for a correction to come. If you have a list of reasons that Caroline Kennedy is unfit to serve bring it forward now so we can see and Gov Paterson can use it in his decision. If all you have is a lingering animus toward JFK perhaps your voice isn't a useful part of the decision-making process.

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