Wednesday, December 03, 2008

What Do You Get When You Drag Eight Gold Medals Through A Trailer Park?

Meet the Parents and a new career.
America can be so proud of its heroes.


Al said...

What a cheap shot!

Judging a person solely on their job?

My wife served food when I met her. Is that as low life as serving drinks?

Do you also judge a person on their skin color or religion?

I'm disappointed in you Grumps.
Really disappointed.

grumps said...

Too quick on the draw, Al.

My wife has also worked as a waitress. My comment is about Phelps taking his newfound fame and glory and heading for Vegas with it. There's a fine line between being a character and being a laughing stock. Phelps is firmly on the Britney Spears career track.

Dan said...

Gee, that's what I did. (except for the fame part) I guess I am trailer trash?

Anonymous said...

We all have family and friends who were servers at one time or big whoop. I thought it was funny and a play on her name "Caz" Pal and I couldn't get the episode of The Simpsons where Homer and Ned go to Vegas and marry 2 typical Vegas floozies while the two are stumbling drunk out of my head.

Oh beware the power of the white wine spritzer.

By the by Grumps when you have a predominately liberal blog and attempt humor you are bound to offend some of your readers regardless of your intent.

Liberals - sucking the fun out of life at every corner.

grumps said...


#1) If I'd wanted to poke fun at the cocktail waitress I'd have made a "Palling around with" joke. My point was Phelps and his poker playing career choice.

2) Michael? Shave. Seriously. Shave.

3) Anybody who hasn't made a pass at a cocktail waitress- raise your hand. Not you Ma'am. Phelps just has the bling and the cred to follow through.

4) Al? Did you see what he called you? @Anon- I believe you missed the call on this one.

Al said...

Yes, Grumps I saw that. A Liberal I am not. Nor am I a Religious Right Conservative. Haven't been to church since '71.

I'm a Fiscal conservative (with the emphasis on Fiscal) who thought you were out of line calling servers "trailer trash."

I will take you at your word that was not your intent. No harm - No foul.

I also don't hide. If I am going to disagree with you or anyone else my identity is known.

What really gets me about Phelps is when he is called the Greatest Olympic Athlete ever. He may be the greatest Olympic swimmer ever, but give me Jim Thorpe or Jesse Owens as the Greatest Olympic Athlete.

Hell, even Bruce Jenner was an all around better athlete. Now there is someone to make fun of, huh?

grumps said...

Are you and I the only two who remember Battle Of The Network Stars?

Also FWIW, the word "trash" did not come from me. Trailer parks may harbor the unsophisticated but there are a lot of good people in manufatured housing as well.