Thursday, March 05, 2009

"Blessed Christian Salt" Is Certified Kosher

Irony dies by inches. h/t Barry Orton
Retired barber Joe Godlewski says he was inspired by television chefs
who repeatedly recommended kosher salt in recipes.

"I said, 'What the heck's the matter with Christian salt?'"
Godlewski said, sipping a beer in the living room of his home in unincorporated
Cresaptown, a western Maryland mountain community...

If the salt takes off, Godlewski plans an entire line of
Christian-branded foods, including rye bread, bagels and pickles.

Adds the good professor,
The funniest part of this story is on the home page of the
company that's selling the Blessed Christian Salt, the Ingredients Corporation
of America, located in Memphis, TN. Right there is the proud statement that:
"All our ingredients are Kosher Certified and FDA approved."

The mind boggles.

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