Thursday, March 26, 2009

He Said-She Said

It's becoming clearer that Tony Evers violated campaign finance laws by emails to Jeff Dickert. Evers switched to his home account when the exchange became political but addressed his emails to Dickert in his work capacity and for that he'll be paying a fine. The Evers campaign contacted the GAB to notify them of the violation.

I look for the same level of hand slapping for Don Pridemore who started off by using his state legislator's email to try to influence the election. There are rumors afoot that there was coordination in that case as well but they have not been substantiated.

The kerfuffles will pass as they always do but one thing strikes me as funny in all of this. Those who spend the most time squawking about who did or didn't address what email which way are the very ones who defended the ethically challenged Justice for using his office phone to arrange a fundraiser.

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Anonymous said...

Does the name Chuck Chvala ring a bell? Im betting its a law school case and sent out to everyone in the Wisconsin bar a dozen times. One ethical mistep can only lead to a larger, more significant bonehead down the road.