Monday, March 30, 2009

It's Only Funny In Context

Taken by themselves these two posts are only mildly amusing. Together they rise to the level of polished parody.

Owen defines the perceived threat from the talkers using a quote from Goebbels, completly ignoring the influence of the tranplanted American, Bernays, on Goebbel's ideas.
Fascism and Bolshevism were formed by nothing more nor less than the great
orator, the great shaper of words! There’s no distinction between the
orator and the politician.”

Then our goofy friends at AFP/FBA burnish the threat to a high shine, put it on buses and send it off to the Capitol.
The Rock Star of Radio -
Vicki McKenna
Americans for Prosperity State Director - Mark Block
WTAQ Radio- Green Bay - Jerry Bader
WSAU Radio- Wausau- Pat Snyder
Milwaukee God Squad- Pastor David King
Chairman State GOP- Reince Priebus
Hunters Alliance (HARC) - Tony Ungerer
Wisconsin Family Action - Julaine Appling

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