Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Just One More Reason To Vote For Tony Evers For DPI

Rose Fernandez is a bureaucracy-creating machine. Beside her call to split up Milwaukee schools into seven separate districts with non-elected boards comes this little reality biscuit from the State Journal's endorsement of her.
Fernandez talks passionately about making sure every child is prepared for a
strong start in school. She's not just interested in more 4-year-old
kindergarten programs. She talks about the potential need for 3-year-old

That seems to be a huge leap. Maybe she wants virtual three-year old Kindergartens.


Real Debate said...

And no concern about the illegal activity of Tony Evers?

Why Jim, I'm not at all surprised you would throw ethics aside so easily.

grumps said...

Evers realized that he had ade a mistake and reported himself to the GAB to face the music.

Will Pridemore be doing the same for his efforts on behalf of Fernandez?

Oh, and save the slander for your own blog. We don't really go in for that sort of thing here.

Curt said...

While I think the both sides of the "ethics" blowup on this are overwrought. They still are not the same. Pridemore's shows either an ethical lapse or poor judgement from a supporter of a candidate. Evers shows either an ethical lapse or poor judgement from the candidate himself. Hardly apples to apples.

That said, while this is certainly a knock against Evers, I doubt it is the reason anyone would vote against him. (I personally have many better reasons to vote against him.) I'm not sure how much power or influence the position really holds, but keeping it in the hands of WEAC certainly isn't a positive thing.

Anonymous said...

This is a no brainer, with several high profile fundraising ethics violations, Evers motivation for serving others is clearly just BS. We already have enough self serving elected politicos here in WIS and the momentum is to clean them out, not ad another. Behavioral experts have professed, if he gets away with this one, the next will will be elevated and we certainly dont want any part of that.

Anonymous said...

Fernandez has no experience with budgets...NONE.

It's like giving Paris Hilton control of a $4 Billion credit card. She is thoroughly unqualified and a nut.

She is part of the old religious militant right wing and they have only harmed this nation.

Vote for Tony Evers....April 7th.

Anonymous said...

Does Rose Fernandez even know what DPI does? I've heard her talk a lot of themes, but she isn't just a titular head of education. She's overseeing a large agency, a large budget, negotiating with employees, running two state residential schools, and managing the state's library system, not to mention ensuring compliance with federal law. What knowledge does she have to do any of this? None.

Dan said...

Regarding the kindergarten issue, it would be bad if schools operate a kindergarten for 3 year olds. The exception would be is for special education students and that is already in place.