Saturday, March 07, 2009

Getting GOP Jiggy With It.

When you think of pop-culture and entertainment, what jumps into your mind? When you want to read a little celebrity gossip mixed with some cultural archaeology all while getting the latest rundown of what's hip and happenin', who would you turn to?

Would you look to the GOP for your daily dose of cultural analysis? There are those who hope you will.

Faced with an idea that says building the party requires, "Reach[ing] youth via pop-culture and entertainment media." the Conservatives are launching a new Facebook based magazine aimed at the college crowd.

It's hard to launch a new magazine today. With so many outlets competing for both readers and talent the likelihood of success is small but I wonder if building your business model on conflicting ideas is the best way to start out. Can you build an audience for your take on pop culture if you hate pop culture? I wonder if they'll be able to keep the level of discourse higher than Goofus and Gallant.

I also wonder if they have a plan for reaching out and building their audience that's any better than hoping someone stumbles across their site and then saying, Hey! Do you wanna help us build our audience?" If that's their hot tip for getting the word out they may be in trouble before they get going.

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