Saturday, June 27, 2009

From Race Bannon To Race-Baiting. 45 Years OF Jonny Quest

The intertubes are a wonderful place. You can find most anything out there. There is a two-hour documentary about one of my favorite shows available in sections on YouTube.

One of the great joys from my distant childhood was watching "Jonny Quest." We had to go to a neighbor's house to watch it on their color TV but the trip was richly rewarded. Exotic locales, strange villains and the hint of smoky sex between Race and Jade were heady stuff indeed for a pre-pubescent boy.

Quest was one of the few shows to seen on all three networks during its run. It hangs on today in late-night showings on Adult Swim on the Cartoon Network. It has the to-be-expected high level of 60's violence that would never pass for kid's programming today.

Chapter 12 of the documentary deals with some of the little known facts of the show.

But it is Chapter 13 that deals with some truly uncomfortable realities about the 1960's. It shows the cutting of racist dialogue that has been done for the various CD releases and asks the question, "Can we learn from a past that we simply pretend never happened?"

It is in the comments to this episode that we get a clear view of how much work remains to be done before we can claim that racism has been wiped out in America.
A suggestion to malcontent white hating racists: let those races move in who
the white devils 'killed" upon white US colonization, Kick out all of the
liberals and make room for the heathen monkeys so they can have 'their" land
back and cultural backwardness, Let the US again be a melting pot for pagan and
backward cultures, tee pees spear chuckers, fire dancers, ring noses, camel
jockeys and all the other loser cultures that liberals protect and tout in
history books. Watch Apocalypto moron.

We have along ways to go if a cartoon can draw out this much ignorance.

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