Monday, June 15, 2009

Insert Heavy Sigh Here

One of my new Astronomy classmates wondered why, if Betelgeuse was so big, it didn't come between Earth and Jupiter periodically.

Another said she was taking the class because she wants to know more about Ares. She was born in Ares and wants to get a tattoo of the constellation but she's taking the class so she knows what it looks like before she does.

I despair.


Dan said...

I know your pain. I am taking some classes here in Vegas and we have some people who don't exactly have all have 52 cards in their deck.

Anonymous said...

Have you considered throwing out "To da moon, Alice" in a stage whisper after one of those comments? I can only imagine the blank stares you would get in response . . .

John Foust said...

Ali G interviews Buzz Aldrin.

Anonymous said...

"Shut 'er down, LaVerne...She's blowin' oil!!!"

Anonymous said...

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