Saturday, June 27, 2009

May We Stipulate?

Can we just adopt as a working assumption that Perez Hilton is an attention whore whose proclamations deserve no more than a cursory dismissal?


Dan said...

Then why doesn't the left feel the same way about Ann Coulter?

grumps said...

Personally, Dan I won't do it because The Pornographer Coulter fashions herself as a Serious Political Commentater while Hilton is little more than a gossip calumnist.

I wouldn't take political advice from Larry King or Liz Smith and consider them to be little more than personalities to be enjoyed as entertainment.

It's when a commentater chooses to be taken seriously as a pundit that they cannot be so easily dismissed in this context. When Coulter trashes the 9/11 wives she does so as a spokesperson for a movement. You might be embarassed by her or it but that has as much to do with the movement as anything. See above where Nearly Joe the Almost Plumber calls for the lynching of a sitting US Senator. His visit was sponsored by AFP. I don't see how they can distance themselves from that remark.

That's my opinion anyway. If you see The Left you can ask him waht he feels.