Tuesday, December 06, 2005

Loose Fruit Under the Family Tree- The Neil Bush Saga Continues

Not content with his failed savings and loan or his discredited educational software company, Ignite!, the Presidential brother is now travelling through Russia with Rev. Moon to raise funds for a $200 billion tunnel to Alaska. Click on the headline to head over to TPM Cafe for a report on the latest wackiness.

You all remember Ignite! It assumed that hunter-warriors don't relate well to books and are better served by an animated football game to teach the history of the Seminole Wars or a rap song to teach about the founding of the Republic. Try not to think about the Presidential brother selling test-prep software to schools in Florida where the other brother, the high-functioning one, passed laws setting the standards which made test-prep software desirable.

Now, Neil has been in front of the curve on some issues, notably the anti-Ritalin Scientology rant that Tom Cruise made famous. Neil and Lisa Marie Pressley were working Washington back in 2002 on that particular crusade.

Neil's ties to an ecumenical foundation in Switzerland that states its purpose as publishing Old Testament texts in Hebrew ties him to the new Pope as well as prominent figures in the Greek Orthodox and Muslim faiths. This article from Newsday spells that out. Neil's religious bent allows him to travel in the company of Catholics, Moonies and Scientologists with equal aplomb.

Neil has done quite well personally as a branch of the Presidential family tree. The Austin Chronicle takes us back to the good old days of the $1 billion failure of Silverado Savings and Loan. It's not a surprise any longer that you don't have to be elected to benefit from a Bush presidency.

Neil is just riding the wave.

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