Thursday, December 15, 2005

Why Blog?

Richard Lawrence Cohen offers thoughts on his first blogaversary about what the blogosphere has meant to him.

I have used it in much the same way that I have used my APA for the last 15 years. It's a place to purge some stray thoughts, to polish my writing and maybe, just maybe to get a little egoboo when someone leaves a comment. If that comment sparks a thread on its own, so much the better.

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Uranus Hz said...

It's all about the egoboo.

As for myself. I started really reading blogs shortly before the 2004 elections and found that (family|coworkers|random people on the street)'s eyes would glaze over every time I tried to import to them with great urgency the latest blognews of the day.

So my solution, like yours, was to rant online. To no one in particular.

No one much reads my blog, but every now and then I get a comment, either on the blog itself or from someone personally. When I do, know my writing may still be complately in vain, but it's an egoboo nonetheless.

For the record, I am adding the Happy Circumstance to my Wisconsin blogroll.