Friday, December 30, 2005

Notes On Two Passings

Sometimes the links are harder to see than others. Aaron reminds us that Michael Vale, the Dunkin Donuts baker passed away at the age of 83 from complications of diabetes. It's fun to remember that in addition to Fred, the Baker, Vale was also the jeweler who sold the diamonds to Laurence Olivier's demented dentist in Marathon Man.

Last week also saw the passing of the man responsible for another of America's great dietary obsessions. Joseph Owades passed away at 86 in Sonoma, California. Owades was the chemist and brewer responsible for the travesty and tragedy that is Light Beer. Owades was a a sucessful food chemist and had more wins than losses in a long and varied career in the brewing industry. But we can't forget that he was responible for Gablinger's Diet Beer.

In a perfectly icky toast to both these fine Americans we should have an apple cruller and a Lite beer while watching Dustin Hoffman have some dental work done.


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Evansville Observer said...

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Thanks for the link to althouse audio. I spent yesterday afternoon listening and was amazed by her blog. In one section she is explaining one of the quips of David Souter of Supreme Court fame and she goes over the concept of the "persona" just for those legal types who may need to lighten up from literal interpretation. Anyway, it was a stitch and I am going to link to her. Now I need to figure out how to do the podcast.]

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