Tuesday, December 27, 2005

A Non-Starter

Can we all agree on this one? Declare it a non-story now and be done with it? It's not the brand of galloping stupidity that we've seen before nor is it venality on parade. Can we just laugh it off and move on?

Some state lawmakers have been buying, yes buying at face value, tickets to sold out UW games that were offered by the UW Ticket Office from hold-back or return stocks. Nobody got anything for free. Bucky got a full house. The UW makes a couple of friends. It's all good, no harm, no foul, no quid pro quo. Get over it.

The State Ethics Board has told all concerned to knock it off to quell any whiff of impropriety. Okay, I can live with that. Quelling whiffs is what those people should be doing. The purchasers of the tickets sat on both sides of the aisle so this is a partisan non-starter. There is no ox to gore without goring one's own.

Let's just let this one go.

1 comment:

elliot said...

Story? What story?

I see no story here.

Move along, move along.