Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Stop Smoking The Very Hard Way

I took the time to thank my beautiful wife for her patience and understanding as I struggle to kick nicotine. For the last thirty five years I have enjoyed the chemical bliss brought on by the soup of compounds that nicotine triggered in my body. I finally got tired, though, of clearing my throat every time I wanted to speak so I decided to give up the cigarettes in September.

I have managed to drop from 40 per day to the point where I have taken fewer than 20 packs in 11 weeks, and that includes one very bad week when I didn't even attempt to put on a patch. The cravings still hit once in a while but it's getting easier all the time to say, "No."

Which is why this story from The Milwaukee Channel caught my eye. A 26 year old woman faces up to 20 years in prison after stabbing her husband in an argument over his smoking.

My doctor warned me to ask my wife for a pledge to not leave me for the first 30 days after I started to stop. He didn't say anything about watching out for the knives.

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