Wednesday, July 18, 2007

Another Kick At the Cat

It looks as if John Gard is going to try to take another poke at going to Washington, this time without the tour bus. There are rumblings and ramblings and missed filings already.

I can hardly wait wait for the primary next Spring, especially if Frank "You can quote me on that" Lasee jumps in the race.

Do you suppose that Gard ever gets depressed knowing that he's not even the best candidate at his breakfast table?

Oh well. In honor of the Selfish One there can be only one response. Let's party!

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Anonymous said...

Nice link to the MU alumni fawnings. Now we know why these two pols have such gleaming smiles. I hope they got a nice plaque on the wall -- no doubt to compensate for all the free cleanings of the plaque on their teeth, since they have such nice dental-school smiles.

How much did they divert our taxes for funding a private school's dental school, while he was slashing funding for our public university system?