Thursday, July 19, 2007

Measures The Administration Opposes

h/t Reform Dem

Initiatives the administration “strongly opposes” include:

-- A military pay raise for next January of 3.5
versus 3 percent endorsed by the White House.

-- Lowering the age-60 start of reserve retirement annuities for
reserve component members by the length of their future mobilizations.

-- Expanding eligibility for
Combat-Related Special Compensation to service members forced by combat disabilities to
retire short of 20 years.

-- Directing pharmaceutical manufacturers to provide the Department of
Defense with same price discounts for
TRICARE retail pharmacy network that are provided already on medicines dispensed
from base pharmacies.

The administration also grumbled that the Senate intends to block for
another year
TRICARE fee increases for under-65 retirees and dependents.

This is from an OMB “Statement of Administration Policy” which was delivered to Senate leaders as they opened floor debate on the defense authorization bill. Why would the OMB recommend against a pay raise for our troops?

The added cost of the bigger raise, $2.2 billion through 2013,
is money “that would otherwise be available to support our troop,” said the OMB letter.

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