Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Brewpub Afficianados Take Note

From Milwaukee World. The bill that giveth could also taketh away.
Milwaukee Brewing Company president Jim McCabe says if the bill, introduced
on July 3rd (a good day to introduce stealth legislation) is passed and signed
by the governor (who says he supports it) McCabe will be forced to
choose which of his facilities he must shut down. The same would apply to Gray’s
Brewing, Tyranena Brewing Company, Calumet Brewing Company, New Glarus Brewing Company, Green Bay Brewing Company and Milwaukee’s Stonefly Brewery, all of which manufacture beer and sell food.

How could a bill that allows Great Dane to own six brewpubs prohibit
six other companies from
owning more than two? “The proposed law would require that forty percent of sales at each location must be food,” McCabe says. “There is no way my new state-of-the-art brewery and packaging facility, located in an industrial building on the south side could function as a brewpub generating 41 percent of its revenues in food.”


The Senate’s Transportation, Tourism and Insurance Committee will hold a public
hearing on the bill
Wednesday, July 11th, 2007 at 1 p.m. in Room 411 south
of the State Capitol. Many representatives of Wisconsin’s brewpub industry will
be in attendance, despite having less than one week to prepare themselves after
the bill’s surreptitious introduction. The committee is expected to go into
executive session to vote on the proposal immediately afterward.

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