Sunday, July 01, 2007

Try Your Hand At Seeing The Future

The Mathias Family is keeping track of predictions for the next (and last) Harry Potter novel, due out in just a dew weeks and they're willing to let us play as well.

Slide over to Pundit Nation and record your predictions for posterity.

Here are my thoughts:

1) Dumbledore isn't coming back. He might show up as a patronas or help Harry out with a pensieve episode but he is really, truly, most actually dead. That whole Nicholas Flamel reference is jsut a red herring.

2) Snape's motives are pure. My guess is that he dies in defense of one of the Big Three, probably Hermione. If Snape does not receive redemption then the whole point of the series seems to make no difference. I don't see that happening.

3) Draco Malfoy lives to carry the Death Eaters to a new generation. Lucius is RDB (Rent. Don't buy.)

4) I boldly predict that I'll read Book 7 and have no better handle on what the deuce the whole horcrux thing is than I have now.

5) Hermione is offered a job at Hogwarts as is Neville. Harry is offered Dumbledore's office and turns it down. Ron winds up doing infomercials for his brothers' line of magic tchotchkes.

6) We get one more wet-eyed scene with Harry's Mum and Pa. She will give him the push to defeat He-Whose-Name-Can't-Be-Spelled.

7) JKR will not be able to walk away from the characters or world she's created. She will have another book set in the Hogwarts world within ten years.

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Michael J. Mathias said...

Rowling said recently that she could "never say never." I agree with you. Hogwarts will be back.