Thursday, July 26, 2007

Call It What You Will

They're calling this a merger of equals. It looks a lot more like a fire sale that was arranged to keep DEI on the racetrack.

Aric Almirola wins. He's away from Gibbs and driving for DEI. He won't be in Mark Martin's shadow for long.

Mark Martin wins, even though he winds up driving for Teresa. The checks will clear through the end of the year, though.

Paul Menard wins. Sooner or later Daddy's money ain't going to be enough. For the time being, this keeps him racing every Sunday.

Sterling Marlin and Joe Nemechek lose. Looking for a ride at Sterlin's age isn't going to be easy. Ditto for the man who is one brownie away from becoming Robbie Reiser's twin.

Regan Smith gets the truck ride he should have gotten in January. He needs to practice saying, "It was an honor to drive one of them Cup cars," until he can sound sincere.

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