Friday, May 30, 2008

Learning To Be A Winner

All the good GOP shills are reading the new Scott McClellan book and getting a quick lesson in Hosea 8:7. I think they need to heed the words of Shel Silverstein as shared by Bobby Bare.

Whatever McClellan is now, he is definitely one of theirs walking toward the light.

He said "Now behind this grin, I got steel pins
That holds my jaw in place
A trophy of my most successful
Motorcycle race
And each morning when I wake and touch
This scar across my face
It reminds me of all
I got by being A WINNER."

"Now this broken back was a dying act
Of a handsome Harry Clay
That sticky Cincinnati night
I stole his wife away
But that woman she gets uglier
And she gets meaner every day
But I got her, boy
that's what makes me A WINNER.....

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