Thursday, May 22, 2008

What? What'd I Do?

Count along and see how many errors you can find for this young man.
A Chippewa Falls man was cited for inattentive driving Tuesday after hitting
a Chippewa Falls Police Department squad car while eating a sandwich and talking on his cell phone.
Hmm. Do you count that as two or three so far?
Grill was driving a 1987 Ford Crown Victoria coming down the Court Street
hill when he attempted to turn left onto Highway 124.

'87 Crown Vic? There's another one.
Det. Sgt. Robert Adams, 51, was driving a city squad car southbound on 124
approaching the bridge at 12:04 p.m. He stated he tried to move over but was
still struck while in the right-hand lane.

Ahh, there's a biggie right there.
Grill told the investigating officer that he was “talking on his phone” and
didn’t see Adams’ squad. He also said he was eating a sandwich while

Hmm. Well, at least he's not in denial about his actions.
City officer Lee Hakes filed the accident report, and issued the

According to Adams, Grill’s reaction was: “I’m getting a ticket? For

Whoopsie. Yes, he is. He is too in denial.

I hope this story has a happy ending.

The squad car can still be driven and remains in service, Nehring

“It looks like a Chicago squad car now.”


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