Wednesday, May 14, 2008

One Yawner, One Mild Surprise

I've fought lots of battles that wasn't worth being won.

-Delbert McClinton; Honky Tonkin'

Hillary Clinton overwhelmingly won an underwhelming number of delegates in West Virginia last night. All six of that state's delegates will go to the Senator's tally.

In the meantime, the House Democrats added to their number in a special election last night in Mississippi, winning a district that has been called the reddest of the red. Trent Lott's former district was considered to be a Republican stronghold.
It is yet another rejection of the House Republican agenda, the Bush
administration's misguided policies, and John McCain's campaign for a third Bush
term," Van Hollen said.
Most of the attention this election cycle has focused
on the race to succeed Bush, but the two parties are locked in an equally
competitive battle for the House and Senate, with Democrats seeking to extend
slim majorities.

Childers' win follows two gains by Democrats in seats in Louisiana
and Illinois and suggests that formerly solid Republican districts might be up
for grabs in November.

"If Democrats can win safe Republican districts, then those that
are truly on the fence certainly have got to be looking like Democratic seats,"
said Marty Weisman, professor of political science at Mississippi State

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