Friday, May 02, 2008

McCain Says It's Important To Not Vote For Republicans In General And Him Specifically


You can't trust them to do the right thing. Senator McCain blamed the Republican-led Congress, of which he was a senior member, for the bridge collapse in Minnesota last year. This is refreshing because a candidate will seldom expose his shortcomings in such a fstraightforward manner.
"I think perhaps you can make the argument that part of the
responsibility lies with the Congress of the United States," the Arizona senator
McCain said Congress spent roughly $20 billion on special-interest
projects when it approved a new highway bill, signed into law by President Bush.

"We spent approximately $20 billion of that money on pork barrel,
earmark projects," said McCain. "Maybe if we had done it right, maybe some of
that money would have gone to inspect those bridges and other bridges around the
country. Maybe the 200,000 people who cross that bridge every day would have
been safer than spending $233 million of your tax dollars on a bridge in Alaska
to an island with 50 people on it."

Sources close to the candidate said that he would continue his campaign of frankness by admitting he was scamming campaign finance laws by riding in his wife's jet and that his temper occasionally caused him to eat kittens for aan after supper snack.

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