Wednesday, May 14, 2008

State Of The City

Gina has the text of Mayor Decker's address from last night's Council meeting.
We have been very busy this past year! City officials, staff, committee
members and scores of volunteers worked diligently to accomplish necessary
community work. I thank everyone for their service.

Since last year’s State of the City report, the Common Council has
met 21 times. Two meetings were dedicated to planning. Last October a strategic
planning meeting was held that included review of City departments, staffing and
programs. A Committee of the Whole meeting last month dealt with specific City

Evansville continues to make progress positioning City operations
to accommodate future growth. EMS is in the process of moving into the Dean
Community Center on Church Street. Groundbreaking has occurred for the new Fire
District building on Water Street; current plans provide for completion of the
station in November. An additional Water and Light Department building is under
construction and the Marsh Road substation will go online next week.

The current fire station has been purchased by the City to again
locate the Police Department in the center of the community. The City has also
purchased the Post Office to secure the property for a future expansion of the
Library. Preliminary design engineering is underway for a needed Wastewater
Treatment Plant upgrade. Construction is expected to begin in 2009 with
completion in 2010.

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