Tuesday, August 12, 2008

"The Border Is Where The Russians Say It Is"

A fairly concise look at how we got the Georgians into this mess and why John McCain and his Cheneyesque entourage are exactly the wrong choice to get them out of it.
Meantime, a Georgian soldier tells a U.S. reporter in the same piece: "Write
exactly what I say. Over the past few years, I lived in a democratic society. I
was happy. And now America and the European Union are spitting on us." They are, aren't they? They had no business making the cheap promises and representations that were made. No business on practical policy grounds. No business on strategic grounds (though I guess it got Rummy another flag, near the
Salvadorans, say, for the Mesopotamian "coalition of the willing"). And now our
promises are unraveling and nakedly revealed for the sorry lies and crap policy
they are, with the emperor revealed to have no clothes, yet again. This is what
our foreign policy mandarins masquerade about as they play policy-making, in
their Washington work-stations.

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