Thursday, August 21, 2008

C'mon A My House, My House A C'mon

This ad cuts John McCain some slack. Depending on how you count the number of dwellings on the McCain properties it's probably more like ten houses.

Remember, this is the mavericky populist who wants you to believe the other guy is the elitist.


Real Debate said...

Come on now Jim, do we really want to start looking at housing?

Do we want to bring up Tony Rezko and his activities with Obama housing?

Are you sure you want to go there?

capper said...


You already brought up Rezko. I expect you to berate McCain for this now, or you will be a hypocrite by your own definition.

grumps said...

Yes, Fred, I do.

Let's look at all of those posts from your side of the argument about Al Gore's house and compare to the 4-house compound or the two condo, condo.

Let's look at the posts berating and belittling John Edwards for his home and then compare them to Mr "I Don't Know."

Let's take a look at a candidate who has so many houses that he's not sure how to answer the question to make himself not look wealthy.

Let's take a look at bloggers who have been tossing Tony Rezko up in the air like a hacky-sack without being able to make a charge stick.

Let's take a good, close look at the mealy-mouth campaign that would have the American people believe they are one of them even though their candidate's shoes cost a much as a good work-car and he owns enough houses for a nice little subdivision.

Let's take a good, hard look at a candidate who would tell lies about Mother Theresa.

Yes, Fred I want to take a look at McCain and his houses and his campaign and what they all mean for us. It's not the houses that should bother us but the candidate's dissembling. The faux-populism and dishonest posturing are signs of the man's burning ambition to have the office at any price.

Fred, those pale, little cries of, "What about this thing or that thing or the other thing we tried to smear a candidate with," might be enough to keep you happy but some of us want a little more substance.

Real Debate said...

Seriously Grumps.

Cries on Edwards house because he is the freaking idiot running around crying about the two Americas. Those are valid because of HIS actions.

As I understand it the value of all of McCain's homes does not equal one of John Kerry's. Where will you decry him? Nowhere.

If you dig into this you will also find out that several of McCain's properties have family members living in them, his daughter, a sick Aunt. Meanwhile Obama relatives live in shacks in Africa. There's some familial compassion for you.

Let's keep throwing Tony Rezko out there, it does not stick because people like you don't care if your candidates are unethical pricks, all you care about is their ability to beat the hated right.

We'll keep bringing it up because your willing buddies in the media have been keeping quiet the real Obama. He is tanking because people are starting to figure out there is nothing new about him, he is an empty suit.

Ferraro was right by the way. Four years ago this guy was in the Illinois State Senate, the only reason he is up there is because he is black. He's not ready to lead, but you leftoids have put him up there anyway. Hope, change and a best friend who is a terrorist leftist. He does have a beautiful smile and can read well from a teleprompter, beyond that, not much.

Go ahead keep bailing water Jim, your ship is sinking.