Sunday, August 24, 2008

What Does Your Tie Pin Say About You?

Sometimes I have to think that the geniuses behind John McCain's campaign are beyond clueless.
How do you think this is playing this week while everybody and his dog, Jack, is beating up on their candidate for his own personal housing crisis?
And now we see that the McCampaign is offering this lovely nautically themed lapel pin.

But what do these flags mean beyond the initials of John Sidney (Sidney?) McCain?

I am on fire and have dangerous cargo onboard.

My vessel is stopped and making no way in the water. (or Missing the Mark)

There you have the message from the doormat's own campaign. No matter onland or sea you should steer clear.


capper said...


You missed the middle one with astern propulsion. Obviously this means McCain is talking out of his ass.

Anonymous said...

Makes you wonder why Obama can't put him away.

BTW, I don't think Biden will help.


capper said...

Dean, thank you for the concerned troll talking point of the week. We heard that line for months about Hillary, not we will hear it for another couple with Spuds McCain.

The time for putting away, my friend, is election day.

Dean said...

Oooo, "concerned troll." Can i put that on my ego wall?

FYI, I consider (not to presume anything on grumps's part) grumps and myself to be on fairly good terms and was merely asking his opinion.

But thanks for the flame throwing.


grumps said...

Dean, FWIW.

I parsed Cap's comment and decided to not say anything. I read it as "CTTP" all as one rathe than being a personal slam at you.

I took both yours and his as good-natured poking.

My point was "Biden won't hurt." Cap's point was "The proof is in the pudding. Your point was well-noted. Thanks.

Dean said...

Thanks, grumps. And, of course, capper is right on when he says we'll see on election day. I get exasperated with the media's breathless report of each poll as though there's some significant going on with each one. Polls are just fodder for pundits until election day (and sometimes beyond!).

As you observe here and in an excellent comment above, McCain's campaign seems to be "run through the spellchecker but never proofread."