Wednesday, November 12, 2008

It Ain't Strange If You're Paying Attention

Some people are bound and determined to find fault with everything. Excuse me a moment while I point out a couple of things.

1) SOLE didn't estimate costs for the dredging project at or around $2M. Engineers did that based on best practices and common experience. It's what's called an educated guess. No real costs could be known until after the bids were opened.

2) The bids weren't opened until Monday night. Before that nobody knew what the bids would be. That's why they call them sealed bids.

3) Get over the creek walls already. The creek walls are a separate project that was budgeted several years ago. They are near the lake but have no more to do with this discussion than the tank does.

4) In response to your questions to me. 1) It's a recession and somebody is looking for work for his crew. We got lucky. Enjoy. 2) No. 3) Please see all of the conversation above. There was an advisory referendum asking for $2M for the Lake Leota project. Because it was advisory it's not binding. See? 4) Authorizing an upper limit and taking out a loan are two separate things. Stop mixing things up. It's only stirring up your blood pressure.


chasinthenews said...

Its not strange if you are paying attention? Alot of things the council does is strange. I do like the numbers though. Sounds good.

The creek walls, the city could not put a fence around the retaining pond down the street from you, but can fix creek walls at how much$$$$$$$$$$$$$...

What really concerns me about you is , you were on the planning commission?? and on the Observer you made a comment that since the park board had approved NOT going to referendum and passing there opinion on to the council you wondered it the park board had the final say???

You should have known better than that being you were on the planning commission. It always go to council for approval, I was floored by your comment or should I say question. Some one who had been involved with city gov..

Then to say its not odd if you are paying attention.

grumps said...

Of course Council has the final say, which is as it should be because they're the ones who have to face election.

My point was that Parks had recommended going forward without the referendum as that had been the prevailing sentiment at the meetings. My hope was that Council would agree with that decision.

They didn't and it turned out as I had hoped, with overwhelming support for the project. I think Mason made it very clear at Tuesday's meeting that the project will not suffer from "mission creep," that it will not become a catch-all for a wish list.

Comparing the creek walls to the 6th and Vision pond is comparing apples to wheelbarrows and only leads to heartburn. Suffice it to say that improvements on the West Side are an ongoing concern.

Thanks for your thoughts.