Monday, November 10, 2008

Mark Made A Funny

You all remember Mark Graul? Campaign manager for Mark Green's flop-run for Governor? Jack Abramhoff's little ticket buddy? He made a funny in my Sunday paper.
"Good policy is good politics and if that happens the Democrats are going to
have a good election two years from now," said Mark Graul, a Republican
consultant. "If they run hard to the left and exclude Republicans from being a
part of the solution they're going to be in a tough political environment two
years from now. With victory comes responsibility."
Coming from almost anyone else that might be considered as sage advice. Coming from "Scorched Earth" Graul it comes off as a bit tainted. Graul learned a lot of lessons in Washington. Reaching across the aisle wasn't one of them. Graul could be the poster child for the wing of the Republican Party that wants to veer off into territory where the CFG and AFP start to make sense.

I have a feeling that the Dems in the Assembly will be reaching out this session, looking to spread whatever it is that needs spreading as widely as possible. Let's just see how many of the Republicans that are left are willing to take the proffered hand.

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