Wednesday, November 05, 2008

My Take- Winners and Losers


Everyone who cast a ballot. Record turnouts across the country show a renewed passion for participation.

Democrats. I'm not sure you can call it a landslide but it looks like a stampede from here.

Sauk County. Not only did they have the sense to elect a good man in the 50th, they also had the presence of mind to replace Doc with Fred Clark.

Brett Davis. In a year when the letter "R" was toxic Davis increased his MoV to 3700 votes this year after two squeakers.

Kim Hixson. Since he won't need the recount this year he can bequeath it to Trish O'Neill who'll want it to find those last 32 votes.

Evansville. A 1000 vote margin gives a clear mandate for restoring the lake. This should end the equivocation and tentativeness.


Cate Zeuske. Now she's facing months of job hunting for her husband. Can you imagine John Gard in his bathrobe hanging around your kitchen table smelling of Old Spice and flopsweat?

Movement Conservatives. It looks as if Grover Norquist and the Newtster have succeeded only in making the Reoublican Party small enough to drown in the bathtub.

Challengers. It was another incumbent year in the Assembly with only Hines losing his seat.


Anonymous said...

Placed with the complete lack of class we have come to expect from you.

Dan said...

"Placed with the complete lack of class we have come to expect from you."
Huh?? I thought it was pretty and accurate.
Surprised about Doc Hines, though.
What did him in?

grumps said...

Thanks, Dan. I'm not sure what Mike's (or, you know,whoever's) problem was.

From what I can hear a lack of fire in the belly coupled with GWC's ads shot the Doc down. LB had the sauk County office rocking so if Doc didn't avail himself of the help it was his own fault.

Too Much Coffee said...

Moulton and Lasee would disagree with your contention that it was a bad year for challengers. And speaking of class, Lasee is a real piece of work.