Thursday, January 12, 2006

The Law Of Improbable Dispersal

One of the many laws attributed to Murphy is the Law Of Improbable Dispersal. It stated that whatever hits the fan will not be evenly distributed. It's hard to not think of this as I watch the Republicans trying to smear Democrats with the Abramoff brush.

There are probably a few Dems out there who have been dining at Abramoff's trough and they need to go down if that's true. However we miss the point if we think all that money that Jack slopped around was distributed evenly.

It's becoming increasingly clear that a lot of politicians and political organizations saw some cash from one of the entities created by Abramoff. After all, that's what lobbyists do. What they shouldn't be doing is creating a skewed system which delivers government to the highest bidder. Abramoff's web of shell corporations and consultancies was put together to further the Republican cause, pure and simple.

Now that DeLay's influence is on the wane the corporation founded by his staffers to garner his influence is closing its doors. The duplicity of Ralph Reed is becoming clearer and his candidacy in Georgia is headed the same way.

The fact that money with the stink of scandal shows up in many campaign chests doesn't surprise anyone. The question is, "How did it get there?" Did a strong lobbying organization make a donation as part of their covering enterprise or did someone chase after it, slavering like a staffer after Wizard's tickets?

We can't let the "Everyone does it" crowd control this discussion. Everyone does not do it and we'll need to build on the strengths of the ones who did not seek Abramoff's advantages in either party if we're going to come out of this with a stronger democracy.

The difference between involvement and commitment is the difference between ham and eggs. The hen is involved. The hog is committed. There are a lot of committed Republicans in this mess.

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Fred Juergens said...

What follows is excerpted & paraphrased from the lead article in the 1/16/06 New Yorker.
This Abramoff scandal is as Republican as privatized Social Security. 83% of the tainted money shoved at charities came from Republicans. 64% of the money Abramoff funnelled to candidates and PAC's through various clients and associates went to Republicans.

Abramoff (46 years old) has been a Republican since college. Every cent of his personal giving ($200K since 2000) has gone to Republicans. He raised more than a hundred grand for the Bush-Cheney ticket alone. The lavish golf trips, jobs for wives, use of skyboxes, pricey restaurant meals -- went almost exclusively to Republicans, especially those in the circle of Tom Delay. One hundred percent of those fingered in the Abramoff indictments are Republicans.

But this is only part of a larger National scandal -- the fearful domination of the American people by the well-organized corporate rich. Cut taxes for the wealthy, dismantle environmental and safety protections, shred the social safety net, populate regulatory agencies with cronies, tout "The Ownership Society", bribe Congressmen -- all in the name of "freedom and liberty".

It's going to take a lot more than the fall of Abramoff or an sudden outbreak of bogus charitable giving by the willing recipients of his money to fix this scandal.
In my view, the only way out is public financing of all election campaigns. It will cost the American people a heck of a lot less in the long run.