Tuesday, March 18, 2008

100% Of The Judges Who Read The Happy Circumstance Support Louis Butler

This is pulled from the comments. Thank you for your input and thank you all for reading.

I have known Justice Butler for almost all of the 18 years I've been on the
bench here in Evansville, and I am proud to be one of his supporters for
re-election. He has the knowledge and temperment to continue being the fine
justice that he is.

The fact that his opponent continues to allow an attack ad,
that he knows is false, to remain on the air is indicative of THAT person's
character--which is the type we do NOT need on our state's high court.

Again, I am proud to support the re-election of Justice Louis Butler to the Wisconsin Supreme Court.

Judge Tom, Evanvsville.

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capper said...

So do 100% of the Kings that read this post.