Monday, March 03, 2008

The Party Ends Early

Milwaukee's new Police Chief Ed Flynn has been the darling of the right wing squawkers for his early "get tough" attitude. I predict that the love-fest will soon be over.

Last week an internal MPD Special Investigations Unit report was released directly to those most likely to misinterperet it. The Police Department itself was quick to disavow the conclusions drawn by the report as well as distancing itself from the remediation recommended by the investigators. The DA's Office and the US Attorney's Office also were quick to shun the report of 4 year-old errors.

Chief Flynn is now looking for those in his department who don't understand how "working through channels" works. I like to think of it as a "get tough" attitude.

Now, after his widely praised raid on local gang activity, Flynn is going after the scourge on his streets and I predict that the fallout will be ugly. Notice that Flynn is not going after Uncle Bob's hunting guns or your Sister's bedside gun. That doesn't mean that he'll get a pass for this initiative. I'm betting that the "guns in classrooms" crowd will be in high dudgeon by this afternoon.

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