Friday, March 14, 2008

Hard To Get Organized. You'll Have To Settle For This.

A quick look around

Tom Barrett and Scott Walker and a Circus parade? Oh, my! It looks like I'll have to spend some money in Milwaukee next year.

The top prizes went to Europe but some local cheeses were Class winners as well. The World Champions of Cheese were crowned in Madison this week. All that cheese and Charlie gets bupkus. It's kind of like the Pulitzers in that way.

How does a city balance municipal needs with commercial desires? How much is too much to renovate space a city already owns? How does a city build density downtown? Where do displaced programs go? What do we do with a problem like Maria? Baraboo is struggling with most of these questions now.

A spoonful of sugar doesn't help everything go down. MMSD? Are you listening?

Judge Tom and Union Township score a hit for open government.

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