Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's Have A Naming Contest!

The battle is lost. It's time to bayonet the wounded. Please join me in finding a league-appropriate nickname for the new Waukesha team in the Northwoods League.

Current teams are listed below. Note the northwoodsiness of the names? That's your cue.

Alexandria Beetles
Duluth Huskies
La Crosse Loggers
Madison Mallards
Mankato MoonDogs
Rochester Honkers
St. Cloud River Bats
Thunder Bay Border Cats
Waterloo Bucks
Wisconsin Woodchucks

House rule #1- No Muskies- It's been done, done well, and the wounds are still painful

House entry #1
Waukesha Deerticks- They'll suck you dry and never get off your back

House rule #2- No profanity- Vulgarity, unfortunately, will be the rule of the day.

House entry #2
Waukesha Largemouth BAss- [Insert your own joke here]

Have fun


Anonymous said...

Waukesha Wingnuts

capper said...

Wigderson Woodchucks. Their mascot would be the Wigderson Woodchuck Aphid. (Don't make me spell it out...)