Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Take My Wife, Please

John McCain seems to have forgotten that, even though he's accused Senator Obama of looking too Presidential, he needs to maintain some sense of decorum as a current (if delinquent) senator himself.

Mr Straight Talk walked his Ferragamos up to The Sturgis Motorcycle Trailer Rally on Monday and promptly stuck his foot in it. McCain decided that the best way to honor this country's veterans, ostensibly his reason to be hobnobbing with the Diablos and their kith was to offer up his show-bride to the crowd at the Buffalo Chip Campground's nightly Miss Buffalo Chip Contest.

Imagine for a moment that FDR had suggested Eleanor compete in a topless, and often bottomless, beauty pageant. Imagine 41 suggesting Bar show up in her bikini and strut a little in Sturgis on a Monday night, just to liven things up. Even our current Frat-Boy-In-Chief knows better than to suggest that Laura, a hottie in her own right, should drop trou and play a quick game of grab-the-wienie off the back of a Soft Tail. She'd kick him so hard that...

The problem isn't that Senator Obama is acting too Presidential for America. The problem is that John McCain isn't acting Presidential enough. He's campaigning on the quick joke and the snide comeback and, as is often the case with those who don't think through their reactions, he's very often wrong.

It's sad to watch the meltdown. There are those who say his campaign isn't in his control. There's no one but the candidate to blame for what he said in Sturgis.

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