Friday, August 22, 2008

Who's Barking Now?

The tinfoil hat brigades are storming the ramparts in Philadelphia and the Malkinistas stand by and cheer. If only we could believe this was the last act of those grasping at straws.


Anonymous said...

By the way Jim, the lawsuit was filed by a HILLARY CLINTON SUPPORTER, not some right wing "malkinsita" as you put it.

A leftie Jim, a leftie.

All I did was point out that the suit had been filed. I offered no commentary on it at all.

You know the closer we get to this election the nuttier you are getting.

I have a Cousin who is a Psychiatrist, should I get you an appointment?

grumps said...

Okay, Fred. I'll walk you through the post just one time because I know this blogging can be tricky and you sometimes don't follow real well.

The person who filed the suit was linked in the post to "tinfoil hat brigades." The hand he brushes his teeth with and the orientation of his politics are hardly germane at this point.

There are two links within "storming the ramparts in Philadelphia." These point to the two posts on Free Republic along with their well-reasoned and articulate comment threads.

The link "stand by and cheer" points to your post pointing out what a good catch you thought the story was.

I'm always glad to help you find the point of a story, Fred. Thanks for stopping by. And thanks for the offer of services by your cousin. I'm sure she stays busy at your family get-togethers, though and I'd hate to take her away from that. She has so much more work to do there.

Anonymous said...

Jim if you would like to see some "well-reasoned and articulate comment threads" there are several leftie sites I can lead you to.

You'd fit right in.

Other Side said...

Oooh, Jim -- Fred got you there.

Apparently your walk-through was too much for him. It's a strange illness he suffers from that aversion to facts thingy.