Saturday, August 02, 2008

Mixed Messages

There are those who would have us in a dither about Kanye West or Ludacris saying something or another about Senator Obama's campaign for President. They say that the "culture" is a stain on his candidacy.

I say, "horse-hockey."

Senator Obama isn't responsible for Ludacris' vocabulary. Kanye West will not be appointed to lead FEMA in an Obama administration.

If these bloggers are so concerned about who is hanging out with whom they should stop to consider. Last weekend Senator Obama was leading a Senatorial tour to meet with the heads of state in the Middle East and Europe. This weekend John McCain is meeting with the Diablos and their buds at the Buffalo Chip Campground. It's too bad he won't be there Friday night. He won't be in time for the Poster Girl Contest. We know how much John McCain likes young models. He's married two of them so far.


capper said...

Don't forget all the lobbyists that were/are on his campaign staff. And the infamous Karl Rove. Stellar people one and all.

Cindy K. said...

Grumps, you're rather, uh, grumpy about all of this, aren't you? Do you think it will be a problem that Obama's hanging with rappers who spew hate while McCain spends time with veterans and active service members? Something is certainly made you unhappy on this topic.

Thanks for the link. --Cindy