Tuesday, June 03, 2008


Gun Safety Training?


Military Experience?


Display the proper method of handling a pistol to girlfriend?


Remember that you just reloaded the weapon?

I said, remember that you just reloaded the weapon?

I said...Oh, never mind.
Police said the 21-year-old man told investigators he forgot he had just
reloaded the gun, and squeezed the trigger while putting the gun into the
driver's door panel. The bullet went through his inner left thigh.

Think about how you sit in the seat of a car. Think about where the door is in relation to your inner thigh. Think about where how you would have to hold a pistol to be putting it into the door panel and still have your finger on the trigger.

Now think about soft tissue around the region of your inner left thigh. Go ahead. I'll wait.

Does something about this story not quite check out?


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