Sunday, June 29, 2008

Just Law-Abiding Citizens With Tools

WDSU has the best headline for this story.
Brother Brings Gun To Machete Fight

How did the Brothers Dennis make the news last week?
Police said Evan Dennis and his brother Wayne Dennis got into an argument
over an inherited house. During the argument on Monday, police said Evan shot at
Wayne then Wayne hit his brother in the head with a machete.

Some people have problem-solving skills. Some people have problem-creating skills and a gun.

There's been a lot of silly reaction on both sides to the Heller case last week. Blood will not flow in the streets of DC because of the repeal of the handgun ban and more regulation will follow as the Autumn follows Summer. But the silliest reaction of all comes from those who say that 'Mericans have to be armed to protect us from the gummint.

When the Founding Fathers told us to beware the tyranny of government they had first-hand knowledge of tyrants, monarchs and despots. These two-bit tinhorns whose paranoia makes them believe that the enemy is in their democracy don't see where the threats lie.

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