Friday, June 20, 2008

What Does $87 A Year Buy For You

In April, leaders of West Baraboo, a Wisconsin village of 1,200,
debated whether to purchase terrorism coverage.

"If terrorists got this far into the country, there would not be anyone
to make the claim anyway
," said village clerk Mary Klingenmeyer. But the village board voted 5-2 to pay $87 annually for the coverage.

There are a lot of Klingenmeyers in the area around Baraboo. Pretty much every one of them will tell you what's on their mind.

JBvH had better get going on finding those Wisconsin terrorists so the hard working people of West Baraboo can stop spending their hard-earned 7 and a quarter cents a year to protect their water supply from the Iraqis. Maybe those Wisconsin terrorists have learned how to start floods. Somebody should ask JB.

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