Monday, June 30, 2008

If You've Got A Moment

The lovely Mrs grumps is having some surgery later this morning. It is neither unexpected nor unduly risky but I'd appreciate if you could add her to your thoughts this morning.

She's having repaired a complete tear of the rotator cuff (That's the rotor cup if you're from Sauk County.) She's looking at a 6-9 month recovery with little chance chance of regaining her major-league velocity. We've been working with her in hopes of reshaping her as a junk-baller in hopes of giving her four or five more good seasons.


Other Side said...

Tim Wakefield. Mid-forties and still throwing the knuckler.

Thoughts added.

capper said...

I hope she finds a safer way to keep you in line.

Hope it turned out well.

Pontificator said...

If she is a lefty somebody will want her!

grumps said...

Al, she throws right-handed and like a girl to boot but is there any doubt in your mind that my wife is a true-blue lefty?

Thanks for the kind words.

illusory tenant said...

Best wishes for a speedy recovery to Mrs. Grumps!

Evansville Observer said...

Best wishes and prayers from The Observer. I as well as many in our family have had the rotator cuff rehab---every day in every way you are getting better during the first month---that is the affirmation. And have Mr. Grumps get the 2 advil at 2am.

the Observer